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I cycled the Sri Lanka End to End, from Dondra Head in the south to Point Pedro in north, in January and February 2015. Daily posts from the trip (after which I spent a couple of weeks backpacking in southern India) are in the sidebar to the right.

The route was roughly 470 miles and took a leisurely two weeks at my usual relaxed pace. Sri Lanka is not a place to hurry through.

This trip was part of my long-term project of cycling international End to Ends:

Taiwan 2017  Fuguei to Eluanbi 🚲 370 miles → Blog
France 2015  St Malo to Nice 🚲 1065 miles → Blog
Cuba 2015  Baracoa to La Fe 🚲 1132 miles → Facebook posts
Sri Lanka 2015  This blog
Scotland 2014  Kirkmaiden to John O'Groats 🚲 460 miles → Blog
England 2014  Land's End to Marshall Meadows 🚲 665 miles → Blog
Isle of Man 2013  Calf Sound to Point of Ayre 🚲 45 miles → Facebook posts (Tim)
N Ireland 2013  Cranfield Pt to Giant's Causeway 🚲 200 miles → Facebook post
Ireland 2011  Mizen Head to Malin Head 🚲 665 miles
Britain 2010  Cape Wrath to Dover 🚲 1050 miles → Blog
Wales 2000  Cardiff Bay to Holyhead 🚲 260 miles
Britain 1997  Land's End to John O'Groats 🚲 1300 miles → Blog

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